Playlist, DJ Release, Das Boot, December 4 2008

DJ:s Mikael Kahrle, Johan Carlsson and Tobias Eliasson.

Music from 2008 played between artists on main stage.


Rex the Dog: "Bubblicious (Radio Edit)"

Kloq: "I Never Said"

Rotersand: "I Cry (Rework)"

F.O.D.: "Synthesizer Tanzmusik"

Welle:Erdball: "Ich bin aus Plastik"

Veljanov: "König und Ich (Covenant Remix)"

--- Blutengel live

Combichrist: "Sent us to Destroy"

Massiv in Mensch: "Never Trust the Outline"

Hocico: "The Day the World Stopped"

Iambia: "Lunatech Dreams"

Aesthetic Perfection: "Pale"

Agonoize: "For the Sick and Disturbed"

Red Cell: "Lust"

Ashbury Heights: "Spiders"

Fixmer/McCarthy: "Banging Down Your Door"

Ladytron: "Runaway"

--- VNV Nation live

Elegant Machinery: "Move (Reconnected)"

Moonlight Cove: "Shadow of Your Embrace"

Foretaste: "No Remorse"

Zeigeist: "Tar Heart"

Alice in Videoland: "She's a Machine"

Stürm Café: "Der Aufstand"

Kropp: "Vad ska du ha på dig i kväll?"

Thomas P. Heckmann: "El Hazzared"

Mindless Self Indulgence: "On It (Assemblage 23 mix)"

The Hacker: "Flesh and Bones"

--- Infected Mushroom live

IAMX: "Nightlife"

Revolting Cocks: "I'm Not Gay"

Nine Inch Nails: "Discipline"

Absolute Body Control: "Give Me Your Hands"

Midnight Juggernauts: "Devil within"

Das Ich: "Kannibale"

Tyske Ludder: "Thetanen"

Neuroticfish: "Can't Stop a Riot"

--- Mr Miyagi live