In the twinkling of an eye, the German saviours of rock music have returned with a new album. After the absolute triumph of "Blind Camera", Zeraphine embarked on their most audacious tour yet supporting HIM. A much wider audience got to see these five for the first time and judging from the footage I've seen, they absolutely loved them.

Most bands don't go directly off tour and into the studio, but Zeraphine did, thus giving us their fourth album, "Still" far sooner than I ever expected. They are known for perfection in their work but "Still" is grittier, rougher around the edges; the polish has been shelved for the most part. Sven sounds the same as he ever did but the band are experimenting with their own sound quite a bit and for being four albums into it, I have to commend them.

There are only a few songs in English this time 'round but that's hardly something to bemoan, "Kalte Sonne", their debut, was sung entirely in German. The guitars are more geared to give a synchopated, rapid fire effect on tracks like "Inside Your Arms" but never do they cross that line into metal hell. "Fang Mich" is more like the Zeraphine people know, it's keyboard work being very evocative of some of the killers on "Blind Camera" or perhaps their best single yet, "Be My Rain".

A bonus track is included for we lucky few who got the special edition and "Out of the Void" is a magnificent way to close out this rather unusual addition to the Zeraphine canon. Also included is the video for the lead single "Still" that's rather nicely executed with Sven finding himself committed and the other members acting as orderlies intent on keeping him from ever escaping. A metaphor for the band, perhaps? Something's afoot in Deutschland and I cannot wait to see where it leads.


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