It's been quite a slow process, but now it's happened. Yvonne has become a full fledged alternative rock/pop band. With two good, but in my eyes not great, albums behind them, "True Love" actually came as a nice surprise.
Although I kind of figured it would be better than its two predecessors when I heard the unbelievable latest single, "Sleepless Nights". A moody song, strong enough to break Mount Everest in two, with a nice combination of hard and soft, synths and guitars and that simply magnificent chorus. Just this glorious piece of music could be fooling critics out there into awarding "True Love" a high grade.
And I have to admit, at times I even considered giving it ten out of ten. Coming to my senses I realized, however, that it's probably not totally flaw free. But I'm having a hard time detecting errors and lesser strong moments.
The opener "I Feel It" is a raging uptempo tune, with smooth guitars on a wall of analogue synth sounds.
And the voice of Henric de la Cour. A vocalist now reaching the absolute cream de la cream, at least in Sweden, with a personal, passionate feel to it. "True Love" combines everything almost perfectly, every song has a tremendous hit potential and they're also varied in every way imaginable, with both electronic and rock elements dominating the music. A harmonic mix of both "Yvonne" and "Getting out, Getting Anywhere" in other words. Just with better songs altogether.
Each song surprises and/or enchants me, makes me want to dance, cry or just sit there smiling that ridiculous smile. No fillers - poor in-between songs - on this album.
"True Love" is more feelings, more electronic, more pop and rock, more of everything; it's Yvonne at their best. And that's just millimeters from perfection. I prescribe "True Love" to anyone who likes music.


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