I've heard the band name The Young Gods so many times since the late 80:s. They were signed to Wax Trax, which is the label many industrial and alternative music activists grew up on. Somehow this band escaped me and I never had a proper reference to this Swiss musical project before preparing this review.

Their new album is much less about hard machine-processed rock and guitar sampling. They have made a statement here with more acoustic instruments.

The first of ten tracks is a sarcastic mini instrumental titled "Sirius Business", only 42 seconds in length it could have been baked during soundcheck. Second track "Blooming" is typeset hypnotic electronic rock and the next track "No Land's Man" is certainly the new prog rock. As for track "Mister Sunshine", I can't help but think that if this band were a newcomer this song would not be on their debut release. It has the correct mood but the expression doesn't seem to arrive correctly. Only an experienced band can take this hold back approach to make it work.

With a melodic acoustic guitar track five opens, it's definitely "Miles Away". An American folk style road song which gently adds keyboard elements as it reaches its finale at 9:58. "Two to Tango" is another acoustic atmospheric blend, it doesn't really catch on, but in a perverted way, it does have some similarity in mood to some slower Nine Inch Nails songs. File the next song "Introducing" under blues; it is not really a song targeting Release readers.

"Tenter le Grillage" brings up the tempo and is also the first French sung track, maybe this is an indicator that they can be angry in their native language much easier. As for "Aux Anges", it sounds like what would be an Einstürzende Neubauten outtake. Track ten recalls their passage to (acoustic) musical instruments and brings in electrical guitar to assist in this message: "Once Again".

"Everybody Knows" was produced between Franz Teichler and Roli Mosimann, I believe the band got the sound that they wanted here. Moving beyond their fan base, I'm not sure this record will go far. The audience here is a polite attentive crowd. Maybe some wayward aging Legendary Pink Dots fan will listen intently as well.

"Everybody Knows" is an album of subtlety. Perhaps a continuance with class or closer to the end? A release for the AOR audience that thinks they're listening to alternative music. For me it just doesn't catch my attention keenly enough to remain in my pre-post industrial filled mind.

Since their last album in 2007, "Super Ready/Fragmenté", The Young Gods are now engaged with a new record label partner Two Gentlemen Records. For the audiophile fan, this release is available on 180 gram vinyl.