What must it be like inside Peter Devin's head. Consider what he's released, consider some of the art which has shone so strongly on Yelworc's albums. Prepare for total war electronic aficionados. This is darkness, this is the pit Poe spoke of with it's fiendishly resplendent pendulum. "Lord of the Three" gives fair warning with ominous tones that can only be interpreted as a summoning call. Devin is inspired with his new found return and it shows so obviously when "In the Purgatory" shifting into high gear. Yelworc are hitting hard and leaving a field of decimated pretenders in the dust. This is the real deal, this is dark electro perfected. No ballads, no emotions aside from hatred and spite. Anger is the engine. Disgust the fuel which powers it.

Yelworc hinted at this many times over throughout their storied career but Devin never underlined it so definitively as he has with "Icolation". "Trinity" was the prologue. Now we are given the full and richly detailed sounds of a new Yelworc, a Yelworc who are hell-bent on destruction. Gone overboard and consumed by mental desiccation. A wildly enchanting and alternately terrifying vision the likes of which only Armageddon could equal.

This is a solid album the entire way through. All seventy-seven plus minutes are mechanized nihilism purely rendered for our listening pleasure. If you were wondering if Yelworc were going to endure and truly return to us, here is your answer. His programming and composition are truly unique. There is a universal language Devin speaks through his music. Anyone who thought Yelworc merely worth name-checking and a thing of the past to be placed upon the mantle would be advised to discontinue that practice. Speaking as a long-time fan of the band, I can tell all of you that Yelworc have completely taken me off guard. The variance and diversity of "Icolation" is quite sobering to listen to. Parts of it are almost classical and right in with the strings and pianos you are smitten down by processing and synthesis which will consume you.

Take heed all of you. There will be no further warning. Listen at your peril.


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