Why why why? This is all I can think of when I listen to the new album from German one man electronic project Wumpscut.

135 BPM is a tempo and not the basis for an album. Endlessly repeated phrases (Rifki) punctuate the corpse which is Wumpscut. The followers keep buying, the rest of the world seems to have moved on (or would be wise to do so) but lil' Rudy Ratzinger delusionally keeps gifting albums every year.

Like tax season here in the US, you can count on him every year to make an appearance to further fleece his fans; some of them are like Rush Limbaugh's ditto-heads in that their lord and savior can do no wrong. There is the outright marketing facet to :w: which few, if any, other acts out there practice. The box set version. Not only does he cheapen the currency of electronic music with his albums, he takes all the pleasure out of the special nature of those also. In summation, Wumpscut serve to incarnate the phrase: mediocrity rules. What he even is thinking when he makes these turgid displays of maniacle egoist masochism is beyond me.

His website says he's gone off in a "new direction" with this album. Yet the beats remain the same, the vocals remain the same... the hooks, if there are any, appear to be badly chosen jingles. Can the ringtones be far behind? Guess it beats having a dayjob eh? Perhaps he should just give in and go black metal as there have been plenty of hints on previous albums. It has now been over ten years since :w: did an album worth a damn. What a joke Wumpscut have become in that decade, a punchline for banality and predictability. The formula is used up and there's no research going on to replace it. Enjoy that empty testube.