Violet Vision – heard of them? Chances are you probably haven't, but chances are you will as their sound is heavy, being just that mix of coolness alongside a pop sensibility that should see them become rapidly radio-friendly. They also seem to have more than an eye for the dancefloor, which instantly makes you think of a certain number of acts – Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Faithless... These acts all have killer tracks that work both in the bedroom, in the car and at festivals the world order. I believe we have another band here with such a unique combination.

Violet Vision’s founders, Jonathan Dagan and Shay Raviv created their unique sound through “blending the sounds they love” – as first heard on the 2001 album “First Sign of Communication”. Through this they have become a big name on the Israeli music scene, with tracks that fill floors.

In fact, “Glow” is such a track. Comparing it to anything is difficult, it is fresh, has a slight punk/electro feel, yet is almost “Faithless”-like in its crossover-ability. “Roundly”, has all manner of aural trickery going on, yet everything is balanced to perfection, from whispery vocals to full on screaming choruses, and a great breakdown in the final minute! “Try Harder” is an instant classic too, it has to be said. There is something about the mournful vocals and guitars which turns into an unexpected dance number that just seems right, it sounds like it is made for the radio, and there can be no bigger compliment I can give than that.

Over the course of the album there is very little to criticise, in fact if I did it would be merely nit-picking as it is a well-balanced, well-produced album. There is also an amazing amount of variation, not just between tracks, but within tracks as well. Just listen to “Headed for Infinity” and you'll see what I mean – all the elements are in place; breakdowns, build-ups, acid squiggles, in fact every part of the formula marked “wow”. Then compare it to “Fortean”, it's hard to believe this is the same act.

It's a long album, yet full of great tunes, great production and sounds like it has that extra something – fun. I have no doubts that if this does get picked up on, it could really be a classic in the making – and rightly so.