What's good on here is well worth crowing about and the rest, uh, no thanks. Here's a the short list of what Release readers need to hear about.

Covenant deliver an excellent mix of "The Men" off of their brilliant "Skyshaper" album. Stromkern kick some ass with an extended version of their single "Stand up", deliver once more with a remix of my favourite song off of their latest album "Dreamweb", the ever impressive "Lament for Lost Dreams". The build at the end is nothing short of decimating. These fellows know their way around a mixer, aren't afraid to meddle with their formula and take risks in this mix, in a way that Pride and Fall could learn much from.

Seabound are in fine form with "Scorch the Ground", I really like how it just stops after the chorus ends and drifts along gathering strength, crouching in the background, awaiting it's moment. Juno Reactor show up on here for some damned reason or other supplying the "full length" version of "Mutant Message" just in case the it didn't grab your attention enough on "Labyrinth".

The main reason to buy this compilation is the unreleased song entitled "Lost Myself" which Belgian legends Insekt supply. Chalk another one up to the songwriting team of Vaerewijck/Wonterghem. Opening in a grand fashion, "Lost Myself" quickly hits its stride with an infectious ability few can match. In case you were wondering, their new album "Teen Machine" is out very soon on Noise Terror Productions. Not soon enough for my liking. This band may just finally get their due for all of the hard work they have put in, toiling in obscurity and getting several years off for good behavior.

Flesh Field try, oh how they try and just barely get interesting at last. Sounding like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Collide (Curve) , they have their moment here but I doubt they'll repeat it.

Thus has the good been venerated. Never mind the rest.


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