The modern Swedish electro community originated through labels like Memento Materia in the early nineties. Memento Materia wisely backed the pending stardom of acts like Covenant and Mesh.

"Get Electrofied!" is a double CD compilation accompanied by a collection of music videos on DVD (most of which show why videos in the genre are relatively scarce). The exceptions are Nasa's minimalistic "Back to Square One" video and Mesh's "Not Prepared".

The first disc is an enjoyable, yet scary trip down memory lane, as it vividly reminds me of my mid teens and all the awkward torments that came with it. I remember buying the early compilations from the label, "Illuminative", "Autumn Leaves" and "Kobolt" at legendary Bengans (Gothenburg's biggest record store) in the early nineties, fondly noticing acts like De/Vision, Kliché (yes, they started off as a great band!), Native Cry (what happened there?) and Covenant. Other tracks on the first CD are Malaise's speed monster "Something Else", the early Children Within piece "Feeling Down" and a rare synthpop number from Poetica Grotesque (pre-Blipp!) called "Glädje" ("Joy").

The second disc shifts the focus to the newer stages of the label's fifteen year old history, presenting hits from De/Vision, Backlash, Colony 5, Code 64 and Run Level Zero. It shows the wide spectrum of electronic sounds generated from the factory that is Memento Materia with Michigan at one end and Pouppée Fabrikk and Thirteenth Exile at the other.

Before the release of this nicely packaged box, fans were asked to vote for their five favourite tracks from the label's history. These were Covenant's "Stalker", Mesh's powerful "Trust You", "Lodestar" by Backlash, Code 64 and their futurepop caramel "Leaving Earth" and Colony 5 and their criticism of today's shallow community, "Plastic World".

Memento Materia have released a wide array of impressive releases (I have chosen not to mention garbage like Iberian Spleen) throughout the years and this is another one, even though it contains already released material. It is also limited to 800 copies worldwide, so if you want a piece of electro history now is the time to act.