Oops, they did it again. Progress Productions has made another great compilation. Those of you who are familiar with the acts here will find that both Cryo and Necro Facility have made their best tracks yet, and kindly put them on this label sampler where every track is so far unreleased.

Cryo’s “Freedom” is really the best thing he’s ever done, and sounds like what you might expect Jean Michel Jarre would produce if he had been force fed EBM while overdosing on vocoders. Bleedin’ fantastic, but hey, easy on the treble again there Martin…

Now that Skinny Puppy don’t hold that much interest to me anymore (the latest album is pretty boring and annoying in my opinion), I’m happy to report that Necro Facility do Skinny Puppy better than the real deal nowadays. “Tuxedo” is filled with smart melodies, atmospherics, heavy beats and more focused song writing than I’ve heard the band do before. As it happens, “Dope” is almost as good.

Terror Punk Syndicate is one of the label’s three newcomers, and plays a somewhat old-school type of electro-industrial, kind of reminiscent of the Wax Trax sound. To my great joy, both of their tracks are fantastic as well; heavy and melodic at the same time. I’m really looking forward to their debut album.

The second newcomer is Mommy Hurt My Head, with the very Leather strip anno “Solitary Confinement” sounding “Nothing Zero Option (After the Pills)”. As influences go, that’s one of the best. The last new act is Kopfer Kat, a band that I can’t really comment on, because I don’t like noise-EBM. Anyway, it’s noisy as hell.

I won’t mention every track on this album, but I can say Red Cell is in VNV Nation mode this time, without guitars, and they succeed. Mr Jones Machine debuts their first song in Swedish, as always sweet synthpop with a strong chorus.

The disc is varied with its mix of hard EBM, synthpop, electro, noise, old-school body etc. Furthermore, it’s on sale for just 49 SEK! If I could, I would use my Jedi powers to make you buy it. But that would be unethical, now wouldn’t it?


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