REPRISE 1990-1999

"Reprise" is a collection of material from the Greek composer Vangelis. This is a really good introduction to the man and his modern music, although the CD only span one of three active decades the nineties. Vangelis is one of the pioneers in electronic music and in incorporating electronics and orchestration. His music is big, even in it's calmer moments.
Since Vangelis make soundtracks - with - and also without films one might say, his albums contain passages and low profile pieces. "Reprise" is built on some of the strongest parts of his nineties career.
The absolute highlight is the extremely magnificent and powerful "Conquest of Paradise", featuring the English Chamber Choir. The single was a huge success and, for example, the best selling single in Germany ever. This main theme is one of five tracks from the beautiful "1492 - Conquest of Paradise" score, much better than the movie itself and one of most appreciated soundtracks of all times. Besides Vangelis' music for "Bladerunner", of course, one of the first fully electronic soundtracks. And a perfect soundtrack for a perfect movie. The soundtrack was remastered and released not until 1994, together with some parts never used in the movie. Unfortunately "Reprise" only contains "Rachel's Song".
"Reprise" also offer tracks from the albums "The City" (with Roman and Emanuelle Polanski, 1990), "Voices" (1995), "Oceanic" (1996) and "El Greco" (1998).
"El Greco" is a tribute to the 16th century painter. Vangelis made music for the National Gallery in Athens 1995 and released a full record three years later. Finally, we find themes from the films "Bitter Moon" and "The Plague".
The booklet contains Vangelis story. We have tried to get an interview with this shy man several times without any success. He speaks through his music and does it well.


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