Thump thump thump thump thump. Snarl. Curse. Movie sample. Linear key line. Repeat in different order for maximum "effect". There you have it folks, the Unter Null formula in a nutshell. A lot of people seem quite enamoured by this act, I am not.

"This Is Your End" is really vapid lyrically; self-reliance via clever packaging and sloganeering even KMFDM could top. Why is it that this sort of simplistic filler is so appealing to people; I don't ever remember hearing more boring club music and I've been in a lot of clubs over the years. There just isn't a lot to Unter Null's music aside from attention seeking graphics and overly direct mindless four on the floor saturation. Oh wait, "Prophecy" includes the phrase "a self-fulfilling prophecy", could this be in reference to the cut-out bin? If this act doesn't get a clue and move away from drivel like this, that is exactly where you'll find their releases in the near future.

Why do I say near future? Because music like this has no staying power whatsoever. There's no actual message and there is not a shred of innovation or intuitive method to be found. Strictly a novelty and nothing more.

Unsurprisingly, the remixes on this thing add considerable detail and interest to Ms. Dunham's plodding, static compositions. Inure transform "Endtime" into an actually interesting dance anthem complete with smooth transitions. Gee, what are those again? Technophobia give "This Is Your End" the Rammstein/Fields of the Nephilim treatment to excellent effect, mostly drowning out the insipid chorus. This remix's sort of anger sounds authentic, not the contrived Suicide Commando wannabeism which plagues her work generally.

It doesn't take a genius to realise Unter Null would probably be ignored if the project wasn't female, as Erica Dunham is pursuing a bankrupt and played out music agenda.


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