I have one particular favourite scene from Varan-TV, the Swedish comedy series which hosted all members of Tyskarna från Lund (Swedish for The Germans from Lund). Someone, I think it's the Lothar Jensen alias, does an unforgettable portrait of Swedish high jumper Patrik Sjöberg. The bit ends with him making a spectacular fosbury flop into what I think is the Gothenburg city canal, due to a plot so absurd you would have too watch it to believe it.
Four of the lads from Varan-TV formed the band Tyskarna från Lund during the second season of the series as part of the content. The breakthrough for the quartet outside the TV show, came with their widely appreciated contribution to the Swedish team and their participation in the 2002 Football World Cup, improperly named "Global Fussball OK".
When their christmas single "Achtung X-Mas!" followed, people seemed to like their twisted mix of parody and quality even more. The album "Metamorphobia", Tyskarna från Lund's debut album, will certainly not disappoint fans of the two singles. It's been a long, long time since I laughed so hard and it's been an equally long time since I've heard something so fresh, mainly in the sense of being "out there" completely. They mix German, English and Swedish in their lyrics, which is ridiculous and entertaining at the same time. Who can not smile at a line like "Durch, für, gegen, ohne, um ist keine Problem for die Deutsche från Lund". The production quality is top notch, as is, somewhat unexpectedly, a couple of the tracks on "Metamorphobia". "Metalburg", with its bubbling bass line and Jimmy Sommerville-esque vocals and the rendition of Scorpions' classic metal ballad "Still Loving You" are both fantastic. There are a few Kraftwerk rip offs, but they still sound OK, I must admit.
It is about time someone made something like this as many of the electro heads out there have a tendency to take themselves far too seriously. Tyskarna från Lund have managed to create what could be named the perfect pre-party album. A mixture of insanity, quality and so much enthusiasm that it spurts from the speakers.