He's back at it, everybody.

Suicide Commando have decided to put noise into the mix once more. If you liked "Stored Images", you're going to love "Bind, Torture, Kill". This isn't to say that the techno nuances of "Axis of Evil" have been abandoned, heavens no, they've been turned down a bit but be assured, Johan is still enjoying their contrasting effect.

Probably the finest example of this new balancing act would be the second track, "Bleed for Us All". The opening is purely Suicide Commando. Slowly swelling synths and an urgently stabbing bass line. Then the beat kicks in, sounding like a thousand mirrors shattering, crushed underfoot; shredding your speakers in that inimitable way only Johan van Roy can.

This Belgian's interest in the United States features strongly once again as "Bind, Torture, Kill" appears to be a concept piece with various nods to several of my country's most infamous serial killers. Somebody's been watching CNN, obviously. It seems only a matter of time before Suicide Commando tour here and something tells me, Johan's up for it. Big time.

Another thing to note is the heavy distortion which is employed vocally. Some of these new works feature a highly vocoded van Roy almost being immersed in his own music. He's really outdone himself with the mixing of this album. Once again, the lead single "Menschenfressen" did little fomr me but in the context of the album, it fits perfectly.

His best work is saved for the limited second disc (that's why we review the double CD version) which is the single for "Conspiracy with the Devil". The asshole mix is the best take of this song but the reason to buy this version of the album is the track "Second Death", an instrumental masterpiece which may be a clue as to where he's headed next.

I don't know how many new fans this album will attract but it's undeniably and unapologetically vicious. Much like the subject matter covered, Suicide Commando have turned in an essay of brutality, sealed in skin, riveted together by screams.


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