One of the more sporadically releasing acts out there, Substanz-T are back after a mere four years since their last album "Electric Opium" and have given us the vastly superior "Beyond E". A few words first, boys and girls, about what this band have wrought with the two other albums of their's which I own: You think you know alienation? You consider yourself a connoisseur of psycho-acoustics? Coil a kindred spirit? Terranova's debut album is hallowed to you? I have woken up after listening to Substanz-T and not known where I am. I've had conversations from years back re-ignite in the presence of this band's unearthly releases. They nag at the frayed ends of your synaptic relays; flickering like wind-blown candles just barely visible in the darkness of a total blackout.

I dare you to check this album out. Seriously. This is what Massive Attack, Recoil and yes, as much as it pains me to say it, Terranova wish they could muster. Oh, you're still not convinced. You want a bit more proof, eh? Track seven, the scantily-clad tart which is "Gleaming Night" delivers not only on its name but goes even further, putting you right there in a back alley with the rain-sheened asphalt whispering at you. The atmospheres are grand, the bass rumbling like a subconscious schism in your temporal lobes. There is no choice but to surrender, to comply with whatever you are nuanced into doing while this siren's song holds sway.

I doubt they planned this, but Substanz-T have made an album which just screams sex, oh yes. Put this thing on and thongs will be lowering, you may find yourself forced to endure a lap-dance or two... or three... or god knows what else. Just don't stop listening until "Beyond E" ends, you'll hate yourself in the morning.


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