What if Yvonne hadn’t disbanded? What if Henric de la Cour instead had got a larger say in writing the music, so that he actually could sing to it? What if "Hit that City" never had happened? Well, then, Ladies and Gentlemen, this would have been the logic follow-up to "True Love". The slower, a little less interesting, songs – like "Oh My God" – are there, as are the pop-like qualities that I felt was eminent throughout "True Love". You have perhaps already heard the little masterpiece "Desperation", now lend your ear to the eminent songs "Never Die " and "24 hrs".
"The same (as Yvonne), as in a bit simpler, a bit more matter of fact and with a bit more pop-sensibility. Henric de la Cour even sings better than he did in Yvonne. This is more like Yvonne should have sounded than a clone of Yvonne’s music", I wrote when I reviewed single track "Desperation". And that statement is still true. Although the only members remaining from Yvonne in this new sextet are vocalist Henric de la Cour and keyboardist Christian Berg, the sound is pretty much the same. For good and bad.
The whole of "Strip Music " doesn’t measure up to "Desperation" and I get the feeling that I have heard these songs before. And I have – on the albums of Yvonne. Maybe with a little bit more complex, unformed structures and a little less 80-ish keyboards, but still.
This is a great record, no doubt. But at the same time as it is a step forward for Henrik de la Cour, it is two steps backwards in terms of music. This actually sounds like something that could have come out in the late 80:s or early 90s. Fine darkwave-tinged pop/rock, with some harsher guitars and synthpop-like keyboards. Not less. But not very much more, either.
If you have missed Yvonne, you will embrace this with all your sad heart. If you didn’t like Yvonne, you might want to give this a shot. But it’s no sure bet that you’ll like it.