Impeccably flawless and sinuous, this is what Bjorn Junemann's project Standeg can be called effortlessly. From the graceful opener "Image in Motion" through to the finale "Replikant", Standeg are the sound of a humming industrial district after dark. In the smoke and haze of another day's efforts, this music permeates in a singular cacophony of perfection. I'm rushing the picture, let me back up a bit.

In 1995, Junemann was removed from another electronic movement called Haujobb and since then, only a scant few tracks have been available for us, the fans who have been clamoring for this since that fateful year. Earlier in 2008, an EP was put out by the band as a taster for things to come. I know now why this fellow left, he didn't need them. Immeasurable talent is at work on "Ultrahightechviolet". The samples are back, the compositional approach we all knew and loved so much about Haujobb in their darkly distant bladerunning days thrives like a burning emblem once more.

"Teaser One" recalls the decade of divinely disaffected electro (that would be the 90:s in case you were wondering) but is not, I repeat not dated. "Easy to Forget" develops slowly as the words tumble out and the embellishing details come to the fore. Then the beat hits, and we're in urban dystopia. High keys lines, sundering bass, a backhand of a snare. Who's going to step up and outdo this act? Something fascinating then occurs, the songcraft is brought to the fore. Behind all the effects and studio wizardry lies the simple truth: these guys know how to write their work, be it club bound or the epic twelve-minute plus saga "Revol Vex". Standeg, this wait has been worth it. Fourteen years are over in the span of this record. The intellect is put back into so-called "intelligent" electronica finally!

Cerebral excursions are what Standeg are about, be prepared to look at his former bandmates work with increased skepticism. The "cover" of "Homes and Gardens" should tell you everything you want to know. In glory, the third man out has come back to us revealing that there's much still to hope for. The lyrics are revelatory, the music subtle yet composed so well the details make it speak volumes. Not one fault can be found here.