To combine hard pumping music with fast car chases have always been attention grabbing on the big screen. Some movies have even made it the sole purpose of their existence, like "The Fast and the Furious". So why does this new DVD about the Le Mans car race with music by Front 242 side-project Speed Tribe and visuals by Rod Chong and Sharon Matarazzo make me fall asleep? I'll try to tell you why.
First of all, the music is pretty boring. Not at all what you would expect from Patrick Codenys and Daniel Bressanutti, the sounds coming out of my speakers have no apparent soul or substance, rather it just blunders along, leaving no imprints. It really shows that the two are expert knob twiddlers, but that's not enough. My package comes with a bonus CD, containing longer and remixed versions of the "soundtrack" music. Most tracks are instrumental electronica and some sound a bit like Aphex Twin or Autechre. I think this release would be much better off not mentioning the relation to Front 242 as much, to keep people's minds free from preconceptions. This is ambient techno, not EBM.
Secondly, the visuals leave much to be desired. Pictures of cars whizzing by is featured prominently. It would be more interesting if you had some information about the cars, or the drivers. Now they are all very anonymous. To be fair, there are three interviews with drivers, but they are audio only, and there is no way to tell if they are driving the cars in the main film. I don't know if all the footage is from one or several races, but I think they're depicting one race, from start to finish. Mostly there is only a fixed camera used, no action shots from within the car. Sometimes there are some text messages on screen like "When you are at speed, there is no fear".
I'm not really sure what to make of this. Who is it made for? I love cars, but then give me some interesting info, and beautiful action shots! I love music too, but then give me some interesting tunes!