This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The eclectic, experimental duo to measure all others against. Synthetic shamen, if you will. Cabalists of an arcane, occult undercurrent. Peter Christopherson is a name no one should not know. He's a founding member of Throbbing Gristle, he also just last year put out the triumph which is The Threshold House Boys Choir. His alchemic abilities I think personally contributed more than anything else to the genius which was Coil.

I now have the pleasure of introducing his new project SoiSong, which he has undertaken with another gentleman few know and even fewer listen to: Ivan Pavlov aka COH. A mind-bending genre-rending project, COH runs one's perceptions and conceptions to the boards. Absolutely visceral work I only wish more would aspire to. He can make hours drift by effortlessly with his albums, his compositions break down the barrier between the conscious and the void with sparse abandon.

Now in 2008, these two visionary artists have at last collaborated on an EP which will be the subject of conjecture and controversy for years to come. This one has drawn some notice from the public due to it's highly original packaging and insanely limited issue. Like Coil, SoiSong have their detractors, those who show their truest colours by virtue of their unwillingness to embrace this sigil for what it is: an artifact of immense sonic potency. There is detail the likes of which have not heretofore shown themselves in the tapestry of work such as the fourth track "Koi Ru" which despite its hushed and restrained opening via a simple carrier tone builds magnificently to heights Babel surely would have had it not been for the "assistance" of a jealous deity. These are not songs, they are portraits, self-styled dissonant time-sensitive signatures for the future.

Somehow the thirty six plus minutes fly by and there is a lingering need to hear more, so it gets played again. And again. And again. Beguilingly seductive, SoiSong caress and kill, they cure and they curse.