Prepare yourselves for a treat, boys and girls. Seabound have given us another album of melancholic electronic bliss.

"Scorch the Ground" begins Frank and Martin's latest effort grandly, a wall of mournful atmospheres and devilish emotional blackmail sets the tone for a vastly different version of the same song we all heard and were bedazzled by on the last "Septic" compilation.

"The Promise" is where the premise of "Double-Crosser" kicks into thematic high gear, betrayal and deceit being the heart and soul of this stunning new album. As if it was written with the tempestuous sea as its backdrop, this pulsating jewel of a tune carries potent intent, poisonous and mercurial contempt. It is followed by what could be one of Seabound's best numbers ever , the downtempo cinder which is "Doubleplusungood". Alienated by his world, our protagonist, seeks refuge in his memories. He tries to recall the details of an affair which he knows will never be equaled. In the end, all we are left with is the bitter regrets which linger like gun smoke at a crime scene. Who is to say who was right and who was wrong, Spinath's words give away no further details but the constant refrain "I don't know how to cope, I don't know how to cope".

"Castaway", by comparison, is filled with an almost quiet joy at being so overwhelmed by one's obsession with another person. Is this feeling genuine or is the intended recipient terrified by the intensity of such unwanted attention. "You just have to be mine, I love you" croons our hero, as though the words give him license to commit whatever private atrocity he wishes. "You go your way, I'll cross the line... from time to time." "Traitor" is extended from a previous version heard on the "Poisonous Friend" EP to reveal even more venom, the bile spewing out in a frothing maelstrom.

Seabound's music, of course, fits these words perfectly, tight and sinuous, constricted and meticulous. Outstanding by virtue of their soaring affirmations it's unnerving how succinctly brilliant they have become. To remember this duo were first produced by Covenant and to hear how far they have come does not do them justice. I hope Seabound will be remembered long after they are gone as one of the most engaging bands ever in their genre.


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