Considering what a splash this German electro band's debut album made and their more than solid follow-up, Rotersand could have easily stayed where it was safe. They very handily could have given us more of the same, and for the most part, we would have enjoyed it and relaxed our expectations. But Rotersand apparently, are not about staying put. Rotersand's full musical ability has increased dramatically with "1023", their artistic palette contains more variance... a hell of a lot more.

The remix album "Dare to Live" hinted at what goes on in their studio when they're left to their own devices; its plethora of innovative mixes supplied by both the band and the chosen remixers was inspired. Unfortunately, not many of the fans chose to embrace this release. They are even less likely to embrace "1023". The emotional content is high with this, the third Rotersand studio album and while the vocals may not be for everyone, there's been a dramatic shift away from the poppy elements to their music which have made them such darlings in the press.

I'm smitten with "1023", its fearless incorporation of other genres, its heartbroken uncanny ability to turn my world an ashen grey. With new blood in their arsenal such as the authoritative track "Rushing" pleading "don't walk from me, talk to me", Rotersand demonstrate they're so much more than a supplier of beats and grunts. "1023" is dead sexy, groovy on levels their other albums have teased you with. I think Rotersand are about to hit their stride and "1023" is the first entry in the new saga. "Lost" is yet another new stance which the band have directionally employed. It has a hook that just won't quit. Much like a dominatrix in her 6" stilettos, this killer does not show mercy. "Love is lost, it's just a dying romance. It was never meant ever to survive." Rotersand are more alive on "1023" than they've ever been.

Seek this album, seek it now.


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