"Black Filters" is an interesting title for this musically interesting group, Sweden's Rezonance. Seemingly slicing exactly half-way between the two poles of Rock and Electronic music, the trio provide something that is both dark, broody and yet almost pop in its commercial potential.

The quality that gels this into a rather nice album isn’t based around the production, which is very clear and balanced. It isn’t from the sounds and effects, which on the whole are nice, crisp and at times inspired. It does have an awful lot to do though with the quality of the songwriting, and the quality of lead singer Josephine Danes hypnotic and powerful vocals. Coming on like a techno Shirley Manson at times, her voice is both powerful and pure; a delight to hear.

As for the songs themselves, “Mono Love” rightfully deserved to be released as a single (and good-looking video, watch it here); it has that special something that gets your head nodding along to its warped-synth scapes, trancey vocals and downtempo beats. “Solo Song” in my opinion should be next, it is quite simply a jaggedly-beautiful, emotionally powerful song; an electro ballad with very sharp teeth.

Elsewhere there is plenty to keep you entertained. The half-electro, half-chant of “Hurt”, which has enough surprises to keep you involved through to the fading wavering keyboard tone finale; along with “Continuation” and its almost electro-rock-opera stylings, make for repeated listening. There are some tracks that don’t quite meet the magical heights of those already mentioned; “Glow” being one example, and the slightly too Goldfrapp-like “Candyman” another, yet they still show qualities that would make many envious. In fact, as the album morphs away in a spiraling band of synthetic howling, it will take a strong person to not skip back to the beginning and start over.

A fine collection of tunes, taken a step further by some really talented musicians. I’ll be keeping my eye on these ones' future progress.