Do we really need more electro music? Well Pzychobitch seem to think so, and judging by their heart-pounding, energy-filled album “Electrolicious”, whose to argue.

The confidence present is made all the more obvious from the title track being placed first in line – this is no gentle warmer, no smooth gliding into the heart of the album, but a frenzied assault on the ears and the body from the outset. In the early stages, the track to listen out for is “Strom aus Fantasie”, not just because of the sleazy electro stylings, but because the main melody is ever so slightly like an outtake from a Super Mario game soundtrack recording session. “Eyes Off!” is also a full on electro-beast, snearing vocals and throbbing bass adding to electro-hystrionics to create something rather special. The album goes between English and German language vocals, and both are strong in both content and delivery – Sina Hübner proving to be the voice that really sets these tracks on fire. Now only a duo with Hübner and Stefan Böhm (the ex-member Martin Kovacic has had more than a hand in some of the tracks here– one of them being the aforementioned “Eyes Off!”).

The tracks which follow after “Maschinerie” seem to move into a slightly darker place, (especially “Atem Heart”, which I actually don’t agree fits in on this album at all). Interesting stuff, but not as up-front, kick-ass as the material that preceded it.

Overall there is something enjoyably hedonistic about this album; you don’t mind being taken through its sleazy alleyways which smell of smoke and cheap perfume, as the journey is more exhilarating than the final destination. Take a walk on the wrong side with Pzychobitch, but don’t forget to shower after!


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