The German electro stars Project Pitchfork are veterans, relatively seen. They've released a number of albums and their music has inspired several other bands. Personally, I've considered them to be a band with great potential and talent. Worth noticing, is their sense for writing good lyrics.
When I fed my poor ears with the first single from this album, "Existence", I didn't exactly leap into the sky in a euphoric state. Now, when I've heard the entire album I establish that there are a couple of songs that are pretty fucking far from okay. The second single "Timekiller" is also a letdown in the same fashion, although the song is basically a nice piece of work. A remix without the guitars would probably be nice. These tracks do not give this album justice. Boring electro songs with cave-dweller guitars.
The album takes off for the stars with "Daimonion - You Hear Me in Your Dreams", which is a nice electro song. This is how I suppose most Project Pitchfork fans want them to sound. The real hit song is "We Are One (Mirror Split up into Pieces)". It is a perfect pearl with catchy synth patterns and the characteristic vocals. The fact that it is very danceable makes me think that this will be the song we will hear most in the clubs. "Drone State" is the song which sticks out the most. It is an electro masterpiece and for some reason, it sounds more inspired by the eighties than the others. It has these cool marching drums and a general melancholy sounding very honest. It's that kind of song that makes you grateful for the repeat button on your CD player.


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