Since the comeback of Portion Control back in 2004 with "Wellcome" they have released material in a furious manner. Three proper albums, downloads, an EP, a 7" vinyl and a massive collection of old material was all released by the band members themselves before they landed a deal with US label Sigsaly Transmissions last year. The first result of this cooperation was "Crop", a compilation of the material made since the restart. And now it's time for the first album with new tracks.

The quality of the outputs from this band has been simply amazing, I can't think of another band that has managed to keep this speed up in both releases and evolution. And "Violently Alive" is no different. Those of you that got a bit worried when they signed to a label, relax. This is an amazing album. Just as before, the band has developed further, changing them enough to constantly keep me on my toes, but at the same time holding my hand leading me forward through the landscape they have built. I listen over and over, looking for something to complain about, finding some glitch in the formula, but I'm sorry, I just can't find it.

They stick to their software, no looking backwards here either, and they manage to tweak personality into the sound like no other. It's hard, aggressive but at the same time it's danceable. The sounds are never there because they sound cool; they are there because they serve a purpose. I know a lot of bands that should listen and learn here. A big reason why this is so good, and in my opinion (once again) the best they have done so far is the fact that the vocals are allowed to take a bigger place in the production. It's slightly less experimental than before, this is an album that's more accessible to the masses. Is this a bad thing? Not a bit.

Take a track like "Amnesia", I tried it on a full dance floor and despite it being brand new, everybody on the floor immediately gave up and let the beat take control of their body. Minimalistic, straightforward but with a depth that is hard to grasp. It goes over to "Blood Loss" which slows down, gets into your system and takes over your mind instead with its haunting soundscape. Continue to "Addiction Rising" where the band explores the softer side, your feet moving along to the rhythm. And it just goes on, getting straight into your brain, body and soul. Strap in and join the ride.

Compared to Portion Control's previous works "Violently Alive" feels more distilled, like they have poured everything through the filter a couple of extra times. It's a purified injection of hard rhythmic electronics that works wonders on the dance floor, as a background to the world in your headphones or at home in your stereo. Buy this album. Now.