It doesn’t really matter if you like Pixies’ brand of alternative rock or not. Their importance for all guitar based music since the late 80:s cannot be overrated. In a time where image meant as much as music, they stepped onto the stage, looking as geeky as you or the kid next door – and played rock in a way still unduplicated. In short – they changed the face of music for good. Without Pixies – no Nirvana, or at least no "Smells Like Teen Spirit", for instance. And to say that brit pop would have sounded exactly the same if it were not for the influence of Pixies would be like to say that the sun doesn’t make the grass grow.
So – why don’t you have this DVD in your collection already?
In 5.1 or stereo and with easily navigable menus, it contains all the videos Pixies ever made, plus an early live concert, plus the superb "Gouge" documentary, plus behind the scenes and stage footage from the tour supporting the release of landmark album "Doolittle". Hours of fun and rock history guaranteed.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the sound of the behind the scenes-part left a little something to be desired and that there are no subtitles available, this collection would be a crisp state of the art example of a complete band DVD to end all band-DVD:s. Really.
So, if you don’t like Pixies, this is the DVD to pick up to see what all the fuss was about. If you are a Pixies fan, you probably already own it, have ordered it or will order it after reading this. Then you’ll watch it on your laptop on your way to one of the Pixies reunion gigs this summer.
Pixies – now available both on DVD and live. Life is good.