It isn't often you get the chance to be there first, so here is a review of “Japan”, by Omnimotion – the first release from Chillosophy Music. Granted it is a single, not the standard long player review we are all used to, but hey… a first is a first!

So who is Omnimotion? That would be Stefan Lundaahl, and a fine creator of chilled out fare he is too! There is something wonderfully dreamy about “Japan”, with the delightfully sleepy vocals of Linda Martio sitting oh-so-smoothly on the top of lush atmospherics, and a nicely downplayed downbeat rhythm. The rest of the tracks are basically reworkings of said number, taken from the soon to arrive long player “Dream Wide Awake”, but all offer something very original.

I particularly like the Gaudi remix, which has a nice dubby flavour in addition to echo lightly sprinkled across the vocals. I was especially excited by the little drum'n' bass breakdowns, which worked very well, and showed amazing confidence in such a downbeat piece. The Minilogue remix is a more up-tempo affair, turning the original into a slightly more deep-house style affair; reasonable overall with some nice touches in the mix. The final remix is an electronica remix by Omnimotion himself and actually the highlight track here – a superb mix of echoey electronics and slow bubbling sounds that seems so clean and fresh you can picture icebergs listening to it.

The single then represents the start of a new label; and more to the point at this space in time represents the label itself. For this reason, at this moment in time Chillosophy Music, you should feel very proud – I just hope future releases keep the standard this high. So far I do indeed “remember you…”