The first couple listens and this second album from Ohgr almost seems to lack originality. Then it sets in.
Smooth stylized vocals differentiate this with today's dark music. Heightened electronic backbeat with valleys of vocal cue. Bleeps and whirrs bleed the sadness that Ohgr portrays. Tracks here were originally recorded before the "Welt" CD release and some were showcased on the live US tour of 2001.
Let's take a look at the songs here. The slow moving "Hilo" and "Jako" are not indicative of the CD. "Majik" has some almost arabic electro elements and is the lead single. After a few listens "Jako" is the gem of the album, easily danceable and it progresses wonderfully. The quickened sample of "Chemtale" reminds of Ministry as it loops and rings but the vocal is deep and piercing. It has Ogre's darkest vocals since the Rx project.
"Watergate" felt much better raw live in 2001. In "Dog", with it's beckoning drums (while not intentional), one has to consider similarities with "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Iggy Pop. Both writers were in totally different frames of mind and we can say that there is not a common thread between them.
Solemn "Iovnow" slowly builds and adds vocal snips quickened much like Front 242's "Headhunter" "and bait the net..." segment. Tribal rhythms and bassline add to the vocoder-ized mumbled solo. Instrumental "Shite" seems to go nowhere. It builds, then ends without completion.
"Sunburn" seems to have the tribute elements of early electronic bands (Cabs, OMD and others). Also, it is the song here most in bloom and burst. Discombobulated vocals help this track on the dancefloor as it has the most resembance to "Pore". "Endai" works as a pop track but doesn't hit as hard as it should. The vocoder stylings should have been left to a minimum.
There are two three-second pauses at blank tracks eleven and twelve, then after 20 seconds or so, "Pawsee" begins as a hidden audio track. An instrumental, it has an animal double meaning. It's listed on the inner cover is likely a reference to "the Posse" used to create the disc, or See-Paws in reverse. And don't forget the awesome "Majik" video at the end of this enhanced disc. Can't wait for Ohgr's third stop motion video to arrive!
There seems to be more input from Mark Walk this time as the duo is more comfortable with each other. The two instrumentals are not as scary as Skinny Puppy were and the vocals not a full range edge as the old Ogre. Mark Walk helps show contradictions in Ogre's work and always trying to do what Ogre isn't expected to do. "Sunnypsyop" is a self produced disc the cover is made by the legendary Steven R Gilmore.