– Your honour. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My closing will do nothing but state the obvious. The prosecution has no case and I will tell you why. The defendants New Concept, three nice young gentleman from Germany, if anything, should enjoy limitless praise for their fantastic new project "The Outer Gates"...
– Objection, your honour, counsellor's personal opinion!
– Sustained.
– Well, let me remind you of all of exhibit A: song writing on an extremely high level. Not only do New Concept's songs have beautiful melodies and flawless singing by Uwe here, but also an undeniable warmth and catchy chor...
– Objection!
– Sustained. Mr Forsberg, try to keep it objective, please!
– I'm sorry, your honour, but it's very hard for me when a fantastic band like New Concept stands accused for being too retro. If the court allows it, I would like for the jury and all of us here to listen to some of their work one more time?
– Well, OK, I suppose a few tracks wouldn't hurt. Maybe "Waiting". Hmm. Or "Return". Oh no, wait, "Wonderful Star" is pretty gre...
– Your honour! I strongly object to your biased comments! This is a legitimate trial case!
– OK, OK. Let's settle for one track. "Station Man".
Three minutes later.
– Does that not sounds like modern, romantic, catchy energy-driven synthpop to you? I can see it in all of your faces that you like this! The jury kept nodding their heads to the beat. Even the prosecution had to restrain from not getting up to dance! Am I wrong, counsellor? Am I? AM I?
– OK, OK, OK! I kind of like it. I would be willing to drop the case if the defendants agree to improve their incomprehensible lyrics for their next release.
– I have already mentioned this to the band and they admit to some blanks in the English language. But, in all honesty, do you really think that is reason enough to convict them?
– Well, not really, no. By the way, you don't happen to have an extra copy of "The Outer Gates" for me, do you?
– You will have to get your own. Let this ridiculous process be a lesson to you and all other genre skeptics. Synthpop will always evolve.