“Metal Machine” is described by one of the band members of Motor as “relentless mechanical grooves that spit blood” (the band member is actually named Bryan Black for those who want to know). I wouldn’t go quite that far, but could easily see it as being the noise made by turning on all of your power tools all at once, in a rhythmical fashion.

Of course the main reason for many reading this will be the fact that yes, this is the band you saw supporting Depeche Mode on their recent all-conquering tour.

OK, now your appetite is wetted; some more info. Motor are by and large an industrial/rock group (so you know what to expect there), while this album is more aimed at the dancefloor (and supporting Depeche Mode too).

“Jacked up” and “Schism” get the head nodding in all the right ways, and are  good tracks in their own right – but nothing compared to the relentless drone and histrionics of the rather wonderful “Feedback Loop” – love the vocals too “...you don’t like techno ...well ain’t that a bitch”! Awesome stuff, I think you’ll agree – especially for those bored of the now rather stale electro scene. And how can you not love a track like “Death Rave”? Even the title is exciting! The track is no slacker too, being full of accelerating beats, electronic waves and all manner of industrial madness besides, this track would have fitted right in alongside the original rave tracks of way back, and justifiably earns its right of being the first single.

“Pong” is my favourite track – not just of this album, but of the year so far – it has all the stuff I love in spades – heavy beats, crunching sounds, drilling bassline and old school bleeps, just superb – listen, I defy you not to like it – in fact if you don’t you can write to me personally to tell me why!

I can honestly say there are no tracks here I actually don’t like, just those that maybe don’t keep my attention as much as the others. In that respect “Fire” is a little dull and repetitive, even though I love the ending. “Glu” is OK, in fact it would be a stand out track on a weaker album, but is lost amongst the bigger tracks here.

Overall, it’s hard to criticise an album that does it for me so well. I admit it’s a little one-dimensional, but that doesn’t really matter when the sole purpose of the album is to make you move. I couldn’t sit still, and I think neither will you.