When Al Jourgensen states that this album will be Ministry's last, I believe him. Know why? Because all the stops have been pulled out for "The Last Sucker". This is the third album the band have released in just as many years. Their chemistry has gelled nicely and despite the previous two albums sounding uncomfortably close to Slayer (who I love to death), "The Last Sucker" will undoubtedly be considered by many as the zenith of Ministry's long, sometimes troubled career. It re-establishes an actual mid-range in the sound of the band. Especially "Houses of the Molé" seemed to be nothing but guitar riffs and screaming. Now you can hear the bass again, there are samples which aren't drowned out by walls of dissonance.

Jello Biafra makes an appearance vocally at the start of "Watch Yourself" talking about the trials of rock stars who dare not speak out against the war in Iraq. The tone of this tune is one designed to make those who listen to it look over their shoulder in anger. Yes, anger. Righteous indignation fuels the final Ministry album as it has not on anything they've done before. This is the curtain call, the coda to years and years spent making as loud a noise as possible.

Once you reach track three, "Life Is Good" you want to kill. You want to get out of your room and blow the fuck out of whatever antagonizes you. Suburban malaise is the target for this one, it would appear. Few things boil my blood as hotly as the insular dwellers one finds in the suburbs of my home country USA. Far away from the havoc their choices have created, the bubble stays intact.

There's a massive disconnect here which Jourgensen is addressing, the lack of accountability which he clearly feels lies at the feet of the cowpoke-in-chief, Mr George W. Bush. I make no issue of disagreeing with him and the sheer nihilism of "The Last Sucker" would call you outside to kick the shit out of you if you did. It really is a shame that this is the last album ever from Ministry. I'm excited as hell by this album, much as I was eons ago when a little release called "The Land of Rape and Honey" was ripping apart the standards of what rock'n'roll could be. This is a heavy dose of hate, an overripe peach which Alain and company in their giddiness have allowed to fall from the tree rather than rot on the branch. Dios esta de nuestro lado mi amigos.


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