"Grandpa's gonna tell you a story, so turn off that terrible racket you're listening to. This is something that happened a long long time ago.
Once upon a time an album was released. It was called "Blue Lines" and the band was called Massive Attack. People said it was the best album in the world. Now, Massive Attack invited other people, like soul singers and an old reggae legend to sing on their tracks, and they were hugely successful. This was in 1991.
There came a time when another kind of music came. It was called techno. Everybody made techno, and everybody loved it. Eventually, the people making techno ran out of ideas. Then they looked at "Blue Lines" and remembered that it was the best album in the world. So they started making their own little "Blue Lines"-albums, and they also became hugely successful. These people were called things like Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Leftfield.
There was a difference between all the little "Blue Lines"-albums and the real one, though. In techno, music was cool. You danced to it when other people watched. And played it when other people were around, so that they would know you were cool. Massive Attack didn't play techno so they were content to fill their music with what they called soul. And so they did. And it was cool anyway, without even trying to be.
See now you're listening to this new Leftfield album and it's cool and techno and all that. And just like Massive Attack they have a reggae singer and a soul singer and all kinds of other people singing and you can dance to it. Don't think your old man can't hear that it sounds fine.
But just where is that soul? It just ain't there boys! It's alright if you wanna hear that cool stuff and young people like you always do what you like. Old Granpa though, he wants that soul. So I know you laugh at an old man making do with Goldie's "Timeless" and all these old relics on my dusty shelves. For the time being, I will be content with my classics. You can call me conservative all you like."


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