Just in time for summer, here comes Claus Larsen's Leæther Strip with some new songs for the unsuspecting public. We find him attempting to outdo "Carry Me" with the title track and he gets pretty close to doing so. The sound coming out of my speakers is very pleasant indeed, although for some reason or other, it reminds me of "A Strange Day" by The Cure. No, I've not gone mad. Not yet, anyway.

The overriding theme on a few of these titles appears to be the so-called "war on terrorism" with "Hate and Fear" driving the point rather obviously; "How far is it from Auschwitz to Guantanamo" proceeds to nails it down by making what Claus must feel is the valid comparison between these two places. He is correct, to a point, but the sheer scale and depravity of the former eclipses the latter. Give it time, however, and the validity may emerge. Depressing thought.

"I Love the Sound of Acid Rain" plods along with Larsen getting all introspective as he is wont to do, bestowing sentient thought upon an elemental force, which is a favourite lyrical device of his. It's meant to be a haunting postulation he's gnawing at us with but the music at times just gets too campy for it's own good. "Take me Home Again" has him pleading "I just want to find a home, take me home again". Alienation is a constant in the world of our hero, but don't pity him. His tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. It has to be, right?

"Life Is a Kick in the Balls" finishes it all off in a bitter, acrimonious manner which ought to sate the time-warped imbeciles who keep hounding him to put out another "classic" Leæther Strip album; of course a lot of these individuals weren't fans during the "glory years". This is something I'm none too keen on, in case you hadn't noticed. Larsen isn't going anywhere, folks. Thank god.


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