The definition of a leather strip is that of an object which can impart physical damage and carry substantial psycholgical weight. This album, the follow-up to the triple album "After the Devastation" is precisely as the name of this band is above described. Also worth noting is the sense of suffocation Claus Larsen's newest work imparts. You really get the sense that you are literally being strangled in an incredibly constricted space.

Contempt plays a large role in the world Claus is depicting, once more the usage of prescription medication is given a song of it's own to frolic within. "Sedated Nation" is infectious in ways that ought to have clubs all over planet Earth shaking themselves down to the ground. "Dirty Little Secret" trades in the atmosphere a lot of this new album features for flippant disregard towards any form of authority. Commencing with a diatribe that is best heard loudly, one finds themselves almost rooting for the villianous protagonist Larsen is playing. You want those screams ignored, you don't want any mercy for the victims. Why? Perhaps because they're so pointlessly vapid they really serve no purpose besides exploitation. Right out of the cookie cutter, eh Claus?

Some paternal issues, with Claus enunciating spiteful bile at some female figure or other, materialise towards the end of "The Giant Minutes to the Dawn". I can only wonder what he's been dealing with outside of his musical output that would drive him to such direct anger, I'll happily stay on the other side of that line. "Seconds Last Forever" would have worked better as an instrumental is the only suggestion I'd make. This style is not one of my favourites but it's something he clearly feels quite strongly about. "Blah Blah Blah" for it's silly title is impressively vindictive, almost punkish with it's crushingly simple message. I really like the percussion on this track, abrasion as an art form... oh yeah.

There have been those who state that this album is the return of "classic" Leæther Strip; Larsen's work is not to be dissected in such pedantic terms, there is an over-shadowing arc to his entire career. This is yet another entry in the ongoing saga, a saga which has been revitalized in the last few years. Better enjoy this fellow while he's feeling as creative as he is; no complaints here at all.


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