This is the second proper album to be recorded by James Murphy, the first being the critically acclaimed and self-titled double-album “LCD Soundsystem” (Release review here). So, how do you follow an album like that?

Well, this one goes straight for the dancefloor, and refuses to leave until the music stops. It will be hard to find a more party album this year I feel, such is the energy of this album. There are elements here of electro sounds, old analogue equipment, miked up drumkits and rock guitars. There are elements of pop, of rock, of dance, and of punk – but overwhelmingly it’s all about dance. From the opener “Get Inocuous!” there is a sense that this album doesn’t want you to go anywhere near your comfy armchair at home to enjoy it – in fact I think it would take a special kind of hardened person to sit through this whole set without twitching like they were infested with fleas!

Of the nine tracks featured, at least half of them are over six minutes in length – and it is these tracks that are the finest on the album. You see, one of the key aspects of LCD Soundsystem is there is a feeling of really knowing how to make a track build for maximum effect. Layers and layers of drums, bells, synth stabs, piano stabs percussion and effects build upon each other to create a rich, infectious tapestry of pure groove; listen to “Us vs Them”, “Someone Great” and the previously mentioned opening track to get an idea of the process in action.

Now, a special mention for “North American Scum” – it is great, full-stop. It uses a hint of humour, along with a touch of self-depreciation against a killer of a tune to fire off a track that you’ll probably be hearing a lot of in the near future. As is usual with albums of this ilk, the last track breaks against formula, for a slower, more ballady track, here “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”. The lyrics are sincere, and well presented (as is the case with most of the tracks here), but it does start to get a little wayward and over the top around the halfway mark.

Nonetheless, a thoroughly enjoyable album which will have you hopping around like psychotic kangaroo – Mr. Murpy; you’ve done it again!