Somehow, it seems almost too obvious to give the new album by Kent the next highest grade available. But what can I do? None of the songs on “Vapen & ammunition” are worth a grade lower than an eight, and a few are definitely worth a ten.
But lets start at the beginning: This is an album eagerly awaited by every die-hard fan of Kent's special brand of emopop. The wait has lasted for two years; not counting the B-sides collection that was released 2000. And it has been a worthwhile wait. “Vapen & ammunition” is musically one step back and two steps forward for the best-selling Swedish quintet.
The more electronically sounding songs from “Hagnesta Hill” is all but gone, but the eighties-feeling that reverberated through, among others, “En himmelsk drog” is subtly recaptured and refined in the new hit single “Dom andra”. Apart from that, this is a Kent we both now of old, and a Kent looking towards the future. The rolling guitars of the past are here, but so are the calmness and thoughtfulness from both “Isola” and “Hagnesta Hill”.
Speaking of the old albums. Kent have stated in quite a few interviews that this time around they wanted to make a record where they concentrated on each and every song and made it a possible hit, instead of trying to make a record that fit together. I can’t but say that they have succeeded. Even the acoustic collaboration with guitar legend Jojje Wadenius “Sverige” defends its place among the poppier and rockier songs.
Right now, my favourites are catchy “Pärlor”, cool “FF” - featuring French singer Nancy Danino, and the great song “Socker”. But even as I write them down, I can feel my preferences changing, which is a sign of the hit qualities of the album.
Kent have always been compared to Radiohead, and been described as a Swedish clone of the brilliant Brits. This time, there simply can not be such a comparison.
Kent have finally and truly found a sound of their own. I hope they stick to it and develop from here. Wherever they go, we still will have this masterpiece. It has saved my spring and possibly the rest of the year too. For once, I lack words. I want to make you all understand what a great album this is, but I guess you will have to listen to it yourselves.
Please do.