Quite a treat this EP is! In Strict Confidence continue to amaze me with their musical approach. They are now one of the most mature and confident bands in the electro world and with this new EP taken from their breathtaking "Mistrust the Angels" album, it is not hard to see why. Whereas most bands are toning down their vocal approach and are sacrificing their sound to appeal to a wider audience (and thus bankrupting their futures if you ask me) ISC are dark, brooding and teutonic to the core.
You can hear the authority on this newest release from the first notes of the extended version of "Engelsstaub", you can feel the wondrously aggressive nature of the song fully realized with a prominent guitar line that was only hinted at on the album. Dennis Ostermann's voice leads the way with its characteristic zeal, and he refuses to use his voice in a sickly sweet pop manner. I salute him.
This man has courage and the version of "Brüder" which ISC turns in has guts to spare. A highly addictive bassline and thumping percussion make this track a definite reason alone to buy this disc. The fact that it is a Melotron song only increases my respect for the sound-merchants of In Strict Confidence. And this is something I find quite admirable about the band, they are not afraid to cover their peer's songs. Their version of Das Ich's "Der Hass" a few years back was also done with panache.
I hate to say that there are a couple of low points to this release:'s "electroclash" remix of "Engelsstaub" is just ridiculous. The mix is sparse for the most part with only a little bit of colour being injected into the mix for the chorus. I have to wonder about the wisdom of having such a mix on an otherwise excellent EP.
The bonus tracks? Well "Auriez Vous Peur Du Passe?" is a nice moody one but the ten-minute plus epic "Kiss of Death" dragged on too long for me. Stevedragon turns in a trance mix of "Engelsstaub" which for once is short. Did everyone hear that? A trance mix that is under six minutes. It's a keeper, by the way. As is this EP. These fellows are right up there with Dance or Die in my book. Unassailable.