This album would have been in my top ten list if it had been released when it was supposed to have been: the latter half of the 1990:s. Instead, I have had to wait and wait and wait, hoping more often than not it seemed in vain for the return of Insekt. Their second album "Stress" (1990) is one of those albums you keep playing year in and year out.

Their's was an odd saga, two ex-members of The Klinik who were quite obviously smitten with the more melodic aspect of electronic music but still had plenty of respect for the harder edged side of it also. They became U2's "favourite industrial band" and went so far as to thank U2 in the liner notes of their then final album "In the Eye" which showcased a veritable plethora of styles ranging from the then nascent crossover stylings of "Dreams in Pockets" to the quietly unsettling and melancholic "I Love to Hate Myself". It made their swan song all that much harder to take.

I want to like this album more, I wish it really was Insekt. But with one of their songs, "Pain Machine" sounding like a cross of "Ebbhead"-era Nitzer Ebb and Trent Reznor, and another one, "Where Is the Party", having a really dated hard beat bent, I find my faith faultering. There are loads of innovative sounds and approaches on "Teenmachine". "Push the Needle", especially, excels here but the members have spent too much time apart and it shows. Mario writes a few of the tracks on his own with Eric working with him for the majority of the album. Eric has wandered too far afield with Sonar and Monolith for my tastes; the clearly unique sound of the band has suffered. Perhaps with another album after this they will re-kindle the potent chemistry which made Insekt so unforgettable during their first run (1988-1994).

For now, Insekt are still utterly superior to the dreck which the kids are pumping out, even with one hand tied behind their back, but they have a way to go before they are more than a shadow of their former selves. I'm really not taking this well.


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