Talk about an album never thought to be released, "Mothfly" would be it. Frankfurt duo Individual Totem have spent a decade out of the public eye and I myself am one of the lucky few to have caught them live. The bonus disc to this version of the album is the infamous "WWW" EP which was planned to be released back in 1999 . But this work had a mind of it's own, not officially emerging until this very year. It is both sobering and by turns invigorating to at last have this missing piece of the puzzle to this band's history.

The album itself, as has been noted by many, picks up where their previous album "Mind Sculptures Flesh" (1997 Offbeat/Pendragon both RIP) trailed off. There are impressive arrangements which thrive in the rich, organic landscape Individual Totem have crafted with "Mothfly". Seamless transitions from up tempo to the more subdued, alienated introspection they are known for.

"WWW" leads out at the start after a nice build of atmospheres and dissonance. Bernd Madl's vocals are low key but once he utters the rallying cry there is no stopping the sleeping giant. Individual Totem sound like no one else out there, bear this in mind readers. Not since Seven Trees graced us with their one album "Embracing the Unknown" (1995 Zoth Ommog RIP) has an act so captivated and capitulated the minds of their fans. I count myself as one of those fans who kept hearing about this album and after so many years of nothing to show I figured this was another false alarm. I am happy to report I was wrong.

"Redeemer" is the sort of work IT excel at, impressive almost hypnotic attention to the melodies contained within. They play out their astounding hooks and then, only then, do you hear more of the song. Flying high through the city twilight in between skyscrapers as their lights alternate with the clouds slowly rolling overhead is the impression I am left with while this song plays out. If this is not a case of true talent and outstanding ability, I do not know what is. Those of you who have wondered what it is your elders are banging on about in regards to this band have now been given ample example.

Just when I thought this album had shown me all I re-visit the fourth song, "Surrender" and have to just stop what I am doing to catch all of it. The level of detail is incredible. On the surface it sounds a simple club track but beneath that beat there is a savagely enthralling dimension, an excursion of the mind's petulant visage. To wit, the small hours have heretofore never been succinctly as nailed down as they are here. The definition of a classic album, "Mothfly" is. There are going to be a lot of contemporary electro acts out there studying this work for a long long time.


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