Pleasantly surprised is the term I'd use to describe Imperative Reaction's fourth album "As We Fall". They've put their time in labouring away on this one and I can assure Release readers that the wait has been well worth it.

First a little background about the band. Their first two albums, especially the second one, "Ruined", left no mark, made no impact, carried little weight. With the output of 2004's "Redemption" change came a-knocking. "As We Fall" expands upon this catalytic period for Imperative Reaction dramatically. "Collapse" is a corkingly good tune, fiendishly executed with powerful panache, head-cleaning beats, no-nonsense vocals and impressive pauses which only serve to perpetuate mania. If you are looking for a band who confront and then command the floor, look no further than these boys.

Imperative Reaction are not about the niceties of electronic music, they are concerned with assaulting whatever pair of ears they happen to be descending upon. Take a look at their live show and you too will see what I'm driving at. "Do not resist the beat" could well be their mantra as there's hardly any time to breathe between songs. "Further to Fall" builds slowly, cascading into strobe-courting glory that won't let go. "Only in My Mind" is infectious as anything I've heard over the years and the melody (yes, they utilize it kiddies!) is a cracking one. The percussion is tight, the basslines punchy; how much more can one ask of the medium? How about, current without delving into overkill. Their sound is sufficiently complex without over-indulgence to drag even the most mundane hellelektro-loving sot out on the floor.

Once the nail is driven in, there's no removing it, no matter how hard one tries to ignore their inexorable progress; Imperative Reaction have come into their own on "As We Fall" and they'd be hard pressed to do another record better than this one but something tells me their hellbent for leather rock'n'roll manifesto won't allow them to go quietly into the gentle night.

On a deeper and more metaphysical level, Imperative Reaction simply do not function. "You know it's true, and though I try to fight it, I can't see through all I won't accept" is about as clever as they get lyrically. Imperative Reaction are here to get bodies gyrating and asses moving. Do not try to deny them.


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