You might have read my glowing review of IAMX’s latest album “The Alternative”, which got a perfect ten out of ten score a couple of months ago. I actually discovered IAMX through the debut album “Kiss + Swallow” earlier this year by chance, even though I have been a fan of Chris Corner’s earlier band Sneaker Pimps for quite a while. Now this album is re-released with a new song, a remix and a video. Convenient for us, since we can take the opportunity to review it and spread the word.

This album first came out in 2004, and like its follow-up, it’s absolute genius. It’s a bit more electronic than “The Alternative”, and some tracks are so good I still get goose bumps when I listen to them. Listen to “Mercy” and “Missile” for example, two electronic ballads rivaling (surpassing?) Martin Gore’s best moments, or the bouncy “Heatwave”, a song made for air synth playing with its catchy, blippy lead. Perhaps the dark and quirky “White Suburb Impressionism” is more to your liking, with its washes of guitars over a trip-hop beat and piano. Maybe the title track is up your alley, an up-tempo track with a bubbly bass and killer chorus, edging itself firmly in your mind and you don’t want it to let go. Variation is key, and suffice it to say, Chris has more talent than you and I, and he knows how to use it.

The new track “I-Polaroids” is supposedly a Sneaker Pimps track, meant for the now scrapped fourth album. It’s a bit rockier, but funky. I like it; however it doesn’t quite fit the rest of the album. The Moonbootica remix of “Kiss and Swallow” is OK, but nothing that special. The video of “Missile” is an intimate affair, featuring Chris and his girlfriend Sue Denim during some slightly kinky foreplay…

Chris has brought some much needed musicality and sexuality back to the electronic scene, and should be applauded for that. “Kiss + Swallow” is a classic album you simply must have.


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