After many false starts, a member of the band leaving and their deal with Energy Rekords falling apart, Greece's Iambia are back with their newest album "Anasynthesis".

This thing is aggressive for most of the disc with high tempo tracks dominating and a few slower, introspective works rounding it out. Frontman Dimitri's vocal style generally stays in the classical EBM style with a lot of monotone speaking, some snarling and screaming going on. The music is muscular and complex and after ten tracks, "Anasynthesis" leaves me wondering who the hell could keep up with this sort of music on the dance floor. Three remixes of earlier songs finish out this disc.

One thing is for certain, this band have a love of break-neck syncopations within their compositional style. Everything merges seamlessly, especially in the menacingly insidious track "Ominous". Moreover, some of their work really reminds me of Vancouver B.C.'s Sect, whose one album "Telekinetic" released back in 1994 on Third Mind Records, introduced this hybridized electro/techno sound which Iambia are exploring. Another act to mention which they may have even heard of would be Italy's Implant Code who released one EP "Biodigit" on Minus Habens Records in 1994 as well. There is some forgotten territory being looked into by Dimitri as you can see. Curious to see where he goes with it.

Iambia clearly have an apocalyptic vision which comes through quite clearly in the music. I'd be curious to hear their earlier records as this one is so flawless, so excessively polished it is almost blindingly perfect. The other grating item (aside from some of the vocals) is the inclusion of some very overused high key note progressions which should have been kept out. But who knows, this album continues to grow on me the more I listen to it.


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