The Human League finally return, with a much longed for and critically acclaimed album: "Secrets". In June, we looked at a three track sampler of this album, and much were said there already. But let's check out the complete "Secrets".
"Secrets" is produced by the nowadays almost legendary, and mysterious production team TOY (not to be confused for the band). The album shows off a new and highly unexpected side of the Sheffield's finest: up to date production! Something more or less unheard of since their breakthrough album of 1981, "Dare!", which coincidentally is being re-released later this year as one of the first so called SACD's on the market.
However, back to to the subject of the day. "Secrets" contains a total number of 16 tracks, laid out in a fresh way, with close to almost every second track being an experimental instrumental one. There are seven of them in total. All of the instrumentals are clearly depicting the band's own travelogue in musical progress throughout the over 20 successful years in the business.
The first single, "All I Ever Wanted", which also is the first track of the album, has for highly unclear reasons not made it into the charts despite its immediate catchiness, superb retro disco bass line and classy League vocals. Shame on BBC for not picking up this otherwise instant classic hit!
The second single off the album, to be released shortly, will be track three, "Love Me Madly". This one is filled with witty lyrics and futuristic sounds wobbling all around. It is not in any way the instant hit "All I Ever Wanted" would have been if only the radio stations had dared to pick it up. However, due to its eccentric nature it could still bide well for the band's future in the singles charts across the world.
All-in-all, the album signals a very fresh comeback of one of the bands that has stood for ground to shape the music of today, and is definitely a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a bright spark in the genre of synthesised pop.
Tracks not to miss are: "Reflections", "The Snake" and "Shameless". All of which could, and should, be instant radio hits if their playlists were not so infected by commercial boy and girl bands.
Hopefully, the forthcoming UK tour in November and December, in combination with a planned US tour during the beginning of 2002 will put a change to the perception of the League amongst both the general public and most importantly, the radio people. The critics around the world are already wrapped around their fingers after this album!



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