To say that Benny Boysen (the sole member of Hecq) is productive would be an understatement. To state that Hecq are decisively needed in this day and age would be understatedly accurate. I've followed Boysen since his Minuswelt debut "A Dried Youth" and have watched him closely as he's become the wunderkind known so well to purveyors of unusual sounds. He's done entirely remixed versions of both Psychobitch (why?) and In Strict Confidence (both "Holy" and "Exile Paradise" have received this treatment).

"OOOO" flat out is not for you who are part of this current fad of cut-out electro featuring female eye candy, you won't find clever hooks nor is there any pouty vocalizing about mundane topics. In fact, as near I can tell, there are once more, no vocals whatsoever. There is minimal usage of rhythms on some tracks, there is over the top production on all these new gems. There is a bonus disc which features some very inspired remixes including amongst them one from Daniel Myer which is puzzlingly filed as being executed by Newt. Hmmmm. As though it hasn't been declared outright, I'm thinking Boysen and Myer are plotting to release new work under this moniker. Curious.

Cold, almost icy tempos dominate "OOOO" with the track titles being nothing more than their respective numbers. Just as one ends, another effortlessly begins and before you know what's hit you a whole new synthetic world is unfolding in your ears... piercing your skull calmly with great precision. That's the thing about Hecq, he just has no fear whatsoever and for that reason I'm more than willing to come along with Boysen on his unique journey through time and space. You may find yourself daunted by this massive new entry, don't be and whatever you do, do not skip tracks. Play this one out and find the beauty of introspection fully realised.