Goteki are a four-piece band from Bristol, who have already been active for around six years and they have released one other album, “Goteki O/S” (review here). Their sound is kind of electro, kind of industrial, and kind of pop too. So for the album then…

The first few tracks are slow-burners, but you get a feel for where the album is heading. There are quite a lot of abrasive low sounds used, coupled with some classic (and in some cases rather dated) electro sounds. The vocals come courtesy of both Ross Tregenza (who is also the producer) and Yanyan – with Ross’s vocals sounding slightly Bowie-like in places (though on “Phuturestar” and some other tracks I was more inclined to think of Marc Bolan for some reason!).

“Sex & Violence" and “Beauty Fatigue” are standout tracks, but for the wrong reasons, rendering tame potentially shocking material. The problem is the delivery of the vocals and the tracks themselves, which are just too nice, too cute, leaving the ideas slightly floundering. Maybe this was the idea, to make light of strong material, but it doesn’t quite come off.

The album gets better as it goes along though. “Shinjuku Lullaby” is possibly one of the most up-beat tracks, and also very much the best track presented here. Built on a driving bass line, with crashing cymbals a plenty and layered and weaving vocals – it is very much a success; there is no wonder it was picked up for the Xbox 360 game “Project Gotham Racing 3”. “Glitch-Rock” is another high point; good effects, very stuttery and filled with a panorama of flickering noises. Interestingly the lyrics come across as their own personal manifesto for their fans (including the vocodered mantra “tell me what you want”).

Goteki have the look of popstars, but seem to want the attitude of punk. Their music kind of falls between, leaving it a bit too harsh for one; a bit too nice for the other. A shame as their potential is great.