Swaggering in with his third album, we find Gary Zon having a bit of fun with his music. His mission statement with this one? "I made it so I could make fun of everything around me because I realized how stupid everything was. I'm much better than all of it." Adi Newton, take note, your ego has just been eclipsed.

I like arrogance in the bands I listen to, I do. Especially when they've only been around a short while. It's the whole "I'm going to change it all, the world will beat a path to my doorway after this" attitude which serves bands like this one so well.

FLA and NIN still feature prominently as influences, the track "Standard Issue" could have been an outtake from any album Trent Reznor has ever put out with its staccato piano work and breathy vocals. "No Effect" is the sort of song I think Billy boy Leeb would kill for. The music is direct, punctual vindictive - all the things to look for in an electronic track in this genre, methinks.

A lot has been made of the more direct, pop-like song structures on "Standard Issue" and I say, so what? If this guy wants to make a pop-directed album, then so be it. It's not like he doesn't have the chops to write catchy club-tailored works. Any perusal of his first album or even some of the cuts off of "Post-Nuclear" could have told you that. He's skewering the dance floor and I love it. "Breed to Death" appears and fits right in while "Attention" from "Septic V" is given a slight re-work and features more of Zon's "I'm too clever for you" lyrical content.

The second disc included in the limited edition is a single for the track "Anthem" which was first aired on "Septic VI" (see a pattern here at all?) and contains a fine fine "stripped" mix by Dependent's brightest light, Rotersand. An extra track "The March" thuds along with some interesting noises in the background before falling into a cynical groove that sarcastically albeit quite accurately takes the piss out of four on the floor filler. Someone tell me why the instrumental version of "Recall" wasn't put on the album, please. It’s a knockout. Epic strings and more than competent programming coupled with a rhythmic approach few others can match.

I'm liking this one a lot more than any of Gary Zon's others and look forward to seeing how much more of a misanthrope he can evolve into.


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