This thing barely makes an impression despite its rather lengthy endurance. I suppose it was inevitable that the well would run dry but I never imagined it would do so in such a blatantly crass manner.

The debut by this band was somewhat entertaining as it resurrected the concept of the EBM tribute act pioneered by Jonathan Sharp via Bio-Tek but here we have the second record which according to the band is purported to be more their own "style" whatever that means. Oh wait, I can tell you right now what it means: pandering to a dancefloor in a way so obvious you'd have to be deaf not to hear it Plenty of vintage 242 has been getting listened to I will wager by this band. Here's the rub of what they are trying to accomplish with "Loudspeaker": "Solaris" by Cleaner. The unwitting follow-up to a record which cannot be improved upon. We have in ya face bass, clever beatmongering, menial lyrics aaand a ballad (again) I will let those who bother with this record enjoy that surprise for themselves. Still curious?

So here goes, we have calculated song after calculated song all designed to elicit some sort of response and arrogantly prove that "this is how it's done". But this is not how it's done. Others do it far better and with greater sincerity. The cynicism of this act astounds me, they actually think they can pull off the swagger due to their collective experience in the "industry". I'll tell you right now what they make me do, pull the gloves off and gleefully state: this is the most unnecessary contractual obligation I have ever listened to. And I bought a copy. Rather than innovate new ground in the overworked barren field that is EBM, Destroid exist to fine-tune it to their own ends. They tread very similar ground to a lot of other bands out there but bring nothing new to the table.

Oh yeah, Daniel Myer of Haujobb et al is involved. Whoopee. There are not enough strobes in the world to disguise what a poorly made tedious excuse of 60+ minutes this record is. I advise anyone reading this to skip this 60+ one and wait for the "final" Haujobb (sales determining of course).


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