Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov have been faithfully delivering insightful, compelling and moving work as Deine Lakaien since 1985. An add in the paper connected the two of them; since then they have given the world classic albums like "Dark Star", "Silver Tape", "Acoustic", "Winter Fish Testosterone", "Kasmodiah" and 2002's delightfully stark "White Lies". Add "April Skies" to this list of luminaries.
"Over and Done" begins this new chapter smartly, concisely and decisively. "Your hand in my hand and my hand in your hand", sings Veljanov, figuratively reaching out to the listener, taking them on this journey. "Slowly Comes My Night" bleeds with emotion; it's tempo changes revealing yet once more what masters of the dynamic Deine Lakaien are. There are so many songs on this amazing new work that really are quite alive, not as restrained as those on "White Lies" were.
"Supermarket (My Angel)" has some very nice chord structures under the gentle musings of Veljanov. Ernst Horn's musical approach is quite succinct. Never erring from what fits perfectly for the task it must accomplish. The usage of guitars does add a new dimension to the band's sound. "Midnight Sun" has some rather crunchy work courtesy of Mr. Robert Wilcocks. It works when applied as expertly as Ernst Horn makes use of it. I would not recommend this experiment be tried by anyone else. This track is amazing because of the abilities that Horn has, which few others in the musical world do. It is a treat to see his expertise pushing the boundaries of what could be considered Deine Lakaien.
"Heart Made to be Mine" is the last song I'll mention because I do not want to spoil the surprise for Release's fans of this act anymore than I already have! This one is a mid-tempo masterpiece which builds to a magnificent finish. Flourishes of odd sounds slink out of one's speakers, anchored by Veljanov's powerful vocals. The guitar line lies just beneath the surface and as the chorus hits, you're right there with him. "Please don't leave me alone tonight." The orchestral finale puts you inside of a majestic cathedral with Horn's music exploding off the statuary, shattering the stained glass... "You won't leave me alone, you won't leave me alone". Iconoclastic just as we'd expect them to be, Messrs Horn and Veljanov reveal once more their secret world; their personal mythology shown to us only for the duration of "April Skies".  
This is a bittersweet album for the moments in your life which burn themselves into your memory. Don't let this release pass you by.