“Immortal” is the new album from Alexandre Ramos (a.k.a. Dead Jump) – and it’s one loud beast of an album! The style is an uncompromising blend of industrial techno and noise, more reminiscent of post-apocalyptic industrial wastelands than the sun-bleached beaches of Brazil (the artist’s homeland). Loud is not the word here, more like a full on steamroller onslaught!

Musically there is a combination of very pounding beats and jagged high pitched keys, topped off by the almost death metal rantings of Dead Jump. “Resist” is an exercise in ear bashing from the start – so powerful are the vocals it is almost impossible to work out what he is saying, the music helps steam the track along though. “The Life Begins When We Die” is a slower effort, but don’t think that means anywhere near a ballad – again distortion and industrial beats are the order of the day – a nice, if harsh track.

In general the album veers between slower numbers, and more up-tempo rhythms. It is the slower of the tracks that are the most musically interesting, as more space is given to them in which to breathe, and so some of the work that has gone into the sound processing can be savoured a bit more. “Fly into My Brain” provides a good example of this; it builds around a very atmospheric wind-and-electricity-crackling soundscape, before arrhythmic industrial beats bring the song in proper – one of the album's finer moments. Something unusual pops up later – the track entitled “Life”. It sounds almost eurotrance in its style, which after what has come before it makes it almost seem sweet and jolly!

Post album tracks proper there are five remixes of two of the album cuts; “Immortal” and “Resist” – the best one for me being the “Immortal – Polygon Remix” – which takes the original down an entirely different corridor, creating a less noisy, yet more sinister almost IDM style track. The other remixes are provided by Clekktor, Disharmony, Alien Produkt and Drummel, but they go no further really then being variations on a theme of the originals.

If I can give a suitable image to describe this album – imagine yourself as a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming fleet of juggernauts, horns blaring. Even if you want to, it is impossible to get out the way of this gushing volcano of noise and rage – some will like it; most will simply find it a bit of an ear-bashing!


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