Well, this is a first. I have ended up in numerous new situations this past month, reviewing a synthpop/EBM/trance DJ set album being one of them.

It all started in mid August when I blasted a long time friend off court with a 6-1, 6-2 win at the local tennis club. Usually it comes down to third set tiebreaks with us, but suddenly all I hit turned to golden winners and blistering passing shots. I also lost to my father in a table tennis game, so it kind of evens out, but still. Things and patterns I have been used to have been challenged, so it was only logical, in a paradoxical kind of way, that I would receive this CD which was rather hard to review. How to judge a DJ compilation?

DJ Coppertop seems to be pretty busy on the club DJ scene at the moment, churning out her particular taste of hammering electro blizzards. Recorded live at Club Necto on Memorial Day evening (May 30, 2005) just after the close of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, "Hysteria" offers relentless beat pounding from start to finish. No blockbusters among the participating artists, albeit quite a few semi-successful acts like Iris, Rotersand and Endanger. Only a few songs are in their original versions; most of the track list holds club or extended reworkings.

Preferred as pre-party warm-up or, shockingly, at a club. Then the grade could be higher than five, but without the proper surroundings, "Hysteria" loses its appeal.

I am no DJ expert, but the beat mixing and pacing from Coppertop seem flawless swirling in my untrained ears. Let us hope more people like her make it their mission to share the electronic message throughout the world.